LiftFund Small Business Disaster Relief Programs

LiftFund is ready to assist you during this time. We have special public and private partnerships to assist small business across our footprint. Please note that there is limited funding for the special programs, but we are offering a LiftFund COVID-19 loan to assist small businesses during this time.


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If you would like to connect with us, we are currently experiencing a high volume of requests, and ask that you visit us on our website and complete our intake form.

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We are hosting seminars online and you can learn more and register here.


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During this difficult time for many deserving small business you can help.
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LiftFund in Missouri

We’re a nonprofit organization that helps small business owners with limited access to capital have a chance to live their dreams. We provide small business loans to entrepreneurs and owners in Kansas City and St. Louis and throughout the state of Missouri.


LiftFund offers the following loans and education resources in St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri.

• Small business loans up to $1 million
• Startup loans up to $50,000
• Business and financial training

Client Success Stories

LAWRENCE ANTHONY KERNZ, Kernz Group Fine Arts Express Services

Kernz Group Fine Arts Express Services moves fine art museum and gallery pieces all over the country. Lawrence needed to finance retrofitting his trailers to comply with changes in regulations. He applied and received a small business loan from LiftFund and was able to retrofit his trailers without losing too much time on the road.

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If you’re thinking about starting, stabilizing or expanding your business in Kansas City, LiftFund is here for you with our small business loans.

We use our own designated risk technology that looks beyond credit scores to provide you with the finance loan that best fits your needs.